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The new RTP8 is the evolution of the powered subwoofer enclosures. Performance and sound quality with a very small footprint. Tight THUNDER Bass, the bass solution from MTX that fits in every car.

- Superstrong vented enclosure build with Injection molded MDF!
- Side firing large diameter noiseless earovent.
- New efficient and powerfull build-in Class-D amplifier.
- New 8" RoadTHUNDER subwoofer driver.

The Class-D amp hardly generates any heat due to the large heatsink, the amp is mounted on the side with all connections close to the floor, so its easy to install.

The earovent creates a low musical tuning without disturbing port noises.

The new injection molded MDF enclosure is technology at its best, no glue joints one piece MDF, strong for the best possible bass.

Check out all the details of the new RTP8

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