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Introducing in-wall speakers with high-end home hifi sound quality with a thin borderless real white grill cover. The new MTX iWs65 and iWs80 in-wall speakers, designed for music lovers and a dream come true for interior designers.

These new in-wall speakers have light weight waterproof papercones for the highest possibel sound quality. The rigid frame provides a solid mounting base with a round mounting hole. The silk dome tweeter pivots so it can be adjusted to the right angle. The borderless ultra thin square grillcover is attached to speaker with magnets. In this way you are able to turn the grill when it is mounted to the speaker, the speaker will always be mounted straight!

The new MTX in-wall speakers iWs65 and iWs80 are now available in Europe.

More info on the new iWs65 and iWs80 speakers here.

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